Why, as a White man, I started a podcast for White men

Ken Lawrence
5 min readFeb 2, 2021
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I started a podcast called The Modern White Man. My co-host and I discuss how to be a Modern White Man who is antiracist, antisexist, and understands his role in creating an equitable society.

We unpack our identity as White men by having honest, open — and sometimes difficult and uncomfortable — conversations about being a White man. Where White men come from, White men’s place in today’s society, and roles White men can play moving forward as allies, leaders, and individuals who care about creating an equitable society where all races and genders thrive.

So why did I start this podcast?

If, instead of reading ahead, you are interested and have 10 minutes and 41 seconds, I suggest checking out the intro episode below where my co-host and I explain (also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts).

I identify as a White man, and in my years of doing racial equity work I have heard two opposing messages when it comes to White men’s involvement. On one hand, I’ve heard that White men shouldn’t be leading this work; they have had enough time and energy afforded to them throughout history. On the other hand, I’ve heard that White men should fix the problem; because they created the problem.

Many well-intentioned White men simply don’t know what the answer is. What role should White men play? When should White men speak up? When should White men just listen? How should White men think of being a leader moving forward in our evolving society?

Can White men even feel good about being a White man?

Over the years, what I have consistently noticed is that there is a lack of White men in the room — like I have literally been the only White guy in a diversity training or meeting more than once. I have always thought, what’s the deal with that? And then, on the other hand, my friends who are White men know the work I do and will come to me with all sorts of questions about race and curious about when it’s appropriate…



Ken Lawrence

Founder of The Modern White Man podcast | Striving to be antiracist, antisexist, & play a part in creating an equitable society where all races & genders thrive